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Your Source For FIERY Controller Sales and service


LANgrafix is a wholesaler for RIP/Controller units sales and repair. Remember, international customers are also welcome -- we ship worldwide very inexpensively and with the best customs clearance possible.

Print Controller Repair

If you require controller repair, please follow these simple steps before shipping us your unit:

1: Contact LANgrafix via phone (847-760-9282) or e-mail to notify us of your unit's symptoms.

2: Package your unit VERY WELL! Most shipping companies WILL NOT authorize payment for damage claims if the package does not have at least 3 inches of large size bubble wrap taped securely, encasing the entire unit. The rest of the box should be packed with packaging peanuts with the unit dead-center. The box itself should be double walled (2 Ply). These controllers are extremely sensitive to bumps and jolts during shipment, and the plastic shells are too delicate to handle the weight of the steal frame if not packaged adequately. If you would like to go the extra mile, place the bubble wrapped unit inside an inner box with packing peanuts encasing this inner box inside an external box is a surefire way to insure the units safety. Remember, these units values range from several hundred to several thousand dollars, so spending a couple extra dollars and time invested in shipping safety pales in comparison to replacing the unit entirely.

3: IMPORTANT! Make sure to tape a copy of the Client Purchase & Shipping Form to the side of the controller before bubble wrapping and a copy overly-taped to a side of the outer box so we can identify the unit clearly as it comes in. If we do not know who sent us a unit or what is wrong with it, our policy is to simply wait until the owner calls us to inquire about their unit, costing you valuable time and money. On the client purchase form, please provide your name, company name, contact information, and a detail of the unit symptoms WITH EACH BOX you are sending us in case there is more than one unit.

4: Our repair policy has a reasonable $75.00 examination fee, which pays for the first hour of the unit investigation. During that time a technician will diagnose your controller and attempt to repair if it appears it can be tackled within that first hour. Once that first hour expires, a representative will contact you with the technicians findings and his estimation of total repair cost. No repair exceeds that first hour without your consent. If the repair is simple, and requires no parts replacement you will only be charged for the examination and the shipping and handling to return your unit. If the unit has not been repaired in the first hour you will receive an estimated repair quote by one of our representatives, at which time you choose to have the unit repaired at the estimated cost or returned to you for the $75 fee.

5: Should you choose to allow repairs beyond the first hour of examination, our repair cost is $75.00 per hour for labor, plus costs for any replaced parts. Once your unit in completely repaired and tested, you will be notified by a representative and asked to begin payment procedures. Unfortunately storage space is limited, so after you have been notified of your controller's repair and the amounted owed to LANgrafix, you have 2 weeks to make full payment. If you have not paid after 2 weeks, we will enforce a $5.00 per day storage fee to hold your unit until payment is completed.

Print Controller Support

LANgrafix can also provide you with telephone support.

Sometimes even the most FIERY-trained dealer tech runs into red-tape in the field when facing a serious problem controller unit that won't behave. Or, perhaps you are an old-school analog copier tech just starting to migrate your way into the would of connectivity and you are completely overwhelmed. Whichever the case, or maybe somewhere in between, LANgrafix can help.

While it's not always practical to pay the expense for a LANgrafix tech to travel across the country or even the globe to provide on-site support for a controller customer or dealership, we do provide intensive tier level 1, 2 & 3 phone support for anyone with controller issues. Our trained technicians can aid you with step by step instructions addressing issues connecting your server to your network, calibrating your print engine, setting up your controller scan software to scan-back images from your copier's glass top, to the most intensive controller meltdowns involving the damage caused by lightening strikes or user misuse. We've been in strictly the controller business since 1999 and working with high-end network and WEB servers since 1995 -- so, there isn't much we haven't seen if it is server or controller related. Sometimes you just need cats eyes to help you through the dark.

Our Telephone Technical Support is moderately priced at $1.50 per minute, and requires you to schedule a set time in advance to allow you the time to get your connectivity environment prepared for support. If you think you might need just a little help, follow these steps and we'll be happy to accommodate you.

1: Contact LANgrafix via phone (847-760-9282) or e-mail Monday through Friday 10am to 8pm USA Central time to notify us of what unit you have, what copier or wide format printer it connects to and a detailed summary of the problems you are facing.

2: Determine a time that fits your needs and our representative will schedule you in for the next available day at the specified time -- if you are prepared at the time of the call, it is not uncommon that we will be able to take your support call right then.

3: Since this is phone support, you must prepay for the amount of time you require. If you are not sure how much time you think you'll need, ask our representative for assistance and they can help you determine an estimate of how much time will most likely be necessary.

4: A representative will fax or e-mail you our Client Purchase & Shipping Form which you need to simply fill out and fax back to us (847.760.9281). This form will allow you to specify your form of payment and gives us the proper information we need to get you in our customer client system for invoice and receipt.

5: The Call will commence at your desired time.

6: After the completion of the support call, you will then receive an invoice receipt. Noting time consumed and payment for the telephone support call, which will have on it the date and time of the appointment and a brief detail of the nature of the support call for your records.

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