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Your Source For FIERY Controller Sales and service

Select Copier Manufacturer to Buy Media Pack Online

FIERY Media Package (Model Specific) -- Utilities and Drivers CD Plus all FIERY System Administration Books and the Kodak Calibration Strip ~~~>>> Our Price $249.99ea
Media Packs Include: One to several Utility CD's. The User Software CD(s) includes these software packages: Command Workstation for both PC/MAC, Virtual Drum Scanner, Colorwise Pro, ColorGear, FIERY Link, FIERY ICM/ICC Profiles, FIERY Font Utilities, Print Port Setup Utilities, FIERY Calibrator, FIERY Downloader, FIERY Spooler and PC/MAC Drivers (Includes the latest WinXP & MacOSX Drivers!), There are commonly six books of 200+ pages each concerning complete FIERY Setup and Maintenance: Getting Started, Configuration Guide, Administrator Guide, Printing Guide, Job Management Guide & Color Guide. Some Media Packs include these books in PDF format only on CD. Black and White FIERY models sometimes include less printed material and software packages due to the lack of color related documentation necessary for controller operation.

This Package also Includes:

FIERY System Recovery Software CD
This CD allows you to reinstall the FIERY operating system software on the FIERY controller itself in the incident that it becomes corrupt or bugged. It also allows you to install a new hard drive in that machine if the current one fails or if you want to upgrade to a faster or larger capacity hard drive. If the FIERY is failing in any way, erasing the system and re-installing the system software can repair it a majority of the time. NOTE: This is a separate cd from the client side CD or "User Software" CD that contains the "Command Workstation/Drivers/Utilities" for your PC/MAC peers that are connected and have network access to the FIERY unit(s). World wide, it is a very common scenario that this important recovery cd is found to be missing from most FIERY unit purchases unless the FIERY is purchased through a FIERY-DIRECT facility such a LANgrafix.

Disclaimer: The media pack pictures on this page are for basic representational purposes only. Not all Media Packs are compiled of the same volume of documentation and software components due to the nature and flexibility of the given controller; thus, volume of media pack contents may vary. With only a few exceptions, each controller requires its own unique media pack. LANgrafix is not the manufacturer of these components, thus LANgrafix assumes no responsibility in functionality of media pack software and accuracy of the media pack documentation. LANgrafix also assumes no responsibility in any given user's ability to use the media pack properly, and due to rare scenarios of customer misuse, we must openly state "use, install and operate media pack contents at your own risk." All sales on media packs are final so please chose media pack type wisely. Please contact us with any uncertainties regarding any given media pack component before or after purchasing so as to avoid error.

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