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Your Source For FIERY Controller Sales and service

LANgrafix Current Print Server / Controller List.....

..... We are North America’s ONLY Controller Repair and Wholesaler
..... We specialize in EFI FIERY, ColorPASS, EDOX, AHT OneRIP/OnCore, Splash, and ColorBus
..... We Repair all major models of controllers, both imbedded and external
..... We can provide hard to find System Software, Administrative Documentation & Drivers
..... ALL our units and repairs have a guaranteed 6 Month Warranty
..... We ship Worldwide with the most inexpensive rates, best quality care and customs clearance possible
..... We also can accept any currency by MasterCard or Visa, or Bank Wire Transfer
..... E-mail or Call us with any questions or for a quote -- Click Here to E-Mail Us! or 847.760.9282
..... We also take trade in FIERY Units towards purchase or repair -- working or non-working!

Please feel free to browse through our database of controllers to fit the print solution you have in mind. Dealers and wholesalers of whom intend quantity controller orders qualify for specialized pricing, so when speaking to a customer agent please note the volumes intended for purchase. If a controller is not listed, don't stop there -- it is always important to inquire as there are always odds in our inventory that don't happen to make our WEB list. We also have detailed brochures for most of our controller stock in Adobe Acrobat PDF, e-mail friendly form for your convenience. Simply contact us for the unit you seek and we will e-mail you with a detailed brochure if it is available.

Question: How do I purchase something from LANgrafix?
 . . . . 

In order to streamline the purchasing process, we have the "Client Purchase & Shipping Form" available here for download:
If you wish to purchase a print controller, software, any particular FIERY parts or to submit a repair click HERE to open our "Customer Purchase & Shipping Form"
in PDF format. We require each customer to fill out this form completely and fax it back to LANgrafix (847.760.9281) to expedite processing your order. PLEASE be thorough and make sure all fields are completed -- it is one simple page and helps to eliminate fraudulent e-transactions. If you plan on paying by Credit Card, you must include the billing address zip code and security PIN located on the back of the card. Also, remember to specify what type of shipping you wish to use (Next Day, 2nd Day, 3rd Day Select, Ground, etc.).

Question: I want to sell my FIERY -- can LANgrafix help me? What is Consignment and how does it work?
 . . . . 

The LANgrafix Consignment program allows any FIERY stock owner to take advantage of our extensive network of daily FIERY buyers to sell their used and even non-working controller equipment. If you have a Print Controller that is no longer in use or not working and wasting space, one would typically have a difficult time finding a buyer for such specialized equipment without practically giving it away. eBay is an option, however you are at the whim of their rock-bottom auctionplace with little control over the price you would really be happy selling at. The LANgrafix Consignment Program allows you name your price range, we coach you on where the market is and a realistic price range, you complete our "FIERY Client Consignment & Shipping Form", attach it to the side of the controller, package it well, and ship it to us to be sold. Remember, with our reputation for servicing and selling a large array of print controllers, we have dozens of inquiries and sales everyday. We then mark the unit up just enough to make the sales effort worth our while. You set a minimum sale amount for your unit, and when the unit is sold we pay you for the amount agreed upon. Sit back, and allow our sales agents to work for you.

If you wish to participate in the LANgrafix Consignment Program, click HERE to open our "FIERY Client Consignment & Shipping Form" in
PDF format. We require each consignee to fill out this form completely and fax it back to LANgrafix (847.760.9281) to expedite processing your order. PLEASE be thorough and make sure all fields are completed -- it is one simple page and helps to expedite inputting your company in our consignment system before we receive your controller. IF you prefer "CREDIT" as form of payment via credit card credit, we can accommodate this means of payment as well. Some prefer this method as credit card credit is not perceive as "profit", and selling in the aftermarket as such is also seen as a loss, not a profit or taxable as such. ONLY if you would prefer credit card credit as form of payment, we require you to include the billing address and security PIN located on the back of the card to complete the transaction. Also, remember to specify what type of shipping you are using and provide the tracking or airway bill number on the consignment form before faxing back to us so we can watch for your controller.

NOTICE BEFORE SHIPPING: Package your unit VERY WELL! Most shipping companies WILL NOT authorize payment for damage claims if the package does not have at least 3 inches of large size bubble wrap taped securely, encasing the entire unit. The rest of the box should be packed with packaging peanuts with the unit dead-center. The box itself should be double walled (2 Ply). These controllers are extremely sensitive to bumps and jolts during shipment, and the plastic shells are too delicate to handle the weight of the steal frame if not packaged adequately. If you would like to go the extra mile, place the bubble wrapped unit inside an inner box with packing peanuts encasing this inner box inside an external box is a surefire way to insure the units safety. Remember, these units values range from several hundred to several thousand dollars, so spending a couple extra dollars and time invested in shipping safety pales in comparison to replacing the unit entirely.

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