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LANgrafix can empower your printing and imaging company with the vibrant web presence and flexible hosting functionality that you desire.

In order to serve you most effectively, our staff will review your company's current branding, desired web functionality, target audience, budget allowance, corporate image, marketed product and future focus so that we can gage what site development scheme suits your project best.

The right Internet presence allows your company a whole new world of global advertising exposure. Your site, with the most precise meta tags will allow powerful search engines such as Google and Yahoo the most effective code to gather and rank your new site with their search-bots. This allows you the best possible ranking without paying an advertising dime. Your site will then have excellent exposure to all who access the World Wide Web looking for services or products related to your company. However, if your web site is not created and maintained in the manner which best fits your service or product audience, or is choppy and built by an amateur hand, your company will lose potential clients by the day. Increase your company profit by allowing us to provide the proper web design, hosting and efficient search-bot luring metatags that will provide the best search ranking possible. Don't ever trust a WEB Design firm that cannot confidently explain how they will tackle the best possible site-search ranking for your company site. There are about five major "FREE" avenues to a healthy search ranking site, and about two dozen other helpers that will just fine tune that ranking even further. A web site needs no paid advertising to incur good search ranking. There are also dozens of advertising gimmicks to watch out for and steer clear of -- we also help you navigate past these e-advertising "money-pits" as our client.

All pricing is based on specific client needs and focus and will be quoted accordingly. Quoted prices will be in writing and guaranteed as long as your needs do not exceed what the quote is based upon. If you require further services, an updated quote will be provided at your convenience.

Our web design and hosting fees can be found by clicking on the corresponding link below, or by clicking on the correct link in the menu bar. Also, please feel free to contact our office to review a possible outline for your desired site development. It would be our pleasure to discuss in detail how we can work for you and your online presence.

Database and e-Commerce (info under construction) -- please contact us directly with any inquiries concerning our Database Hosting & e-Commerce Solutions!

Web Development Solutions

Database Hosting & e-Commerce

Other Custom Design Media

Web & Other Media Sample Gallery

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