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When LANgrafix develops and hosts a site, we literally migrate your corporate machine into an online format of your choosing assisted by our coaching. A site is not simply something that passing visitors glance at and say "oh that's nice" or "that site is boring" -- it is more than just an identity. Your site can be a functional virtual branch of your company proving detailed information, service types, details of operation, online purchasing forms, brochure databases for customers and field reps, and even secure databases of corporate forms and functionality for off site employees that need access to certain company files. The variety of site Hosting packages we offer is also very dynamic.

The Internet is a source that allows your company to be advertised and accessed by all who can access the World Wide WEB in search of your product or service. All a WEB development company needs to make sure of is whether every customer's site is at it's most optimal on all levels. If your WEB site is not created and maintained in a manner that best fits your marketing focus and if important functionality is neglected that could be shifted to autopilot on your site, you are blindly flushing e-dollars down the drain. Sound complicated? It is, but not so in the hands of Internet and server-based professionals such as LANgrafix. Sit back and focus on you own companies margin while allowing us to develop and run your online company branch.... because a Web Site is not just a flat or animated billboard anymore, it IS a functional branch of your company.... and can be so much more.

All WEB pricing is based on client needs and will be quoted accordingly. All Quotes are in writing and guaranteed as long as the client's needs do not exceed what the quote is based upon. If clients require expanded services, an updated quote will be provided.

Our basic WEB design and hosting fees are listed below just to provide you an idea of where we fall; but please, contact us for a precise quote because there are always discounts and bonuses that cannot be applied until a conceptual site formula is on the table. Please feel free to contact our office to review a concept or make an appointment. It would be our pleasure to discuss in detail how we can help mold your online presence.

Domain Registration: $70.00 For 2 Years

WEB Hosting: $50.00 Set Up Plus $25.00 Monthly UNLIMITED functionality
WEB Design: $70.00 An Hour
      Design services available: HTML, SHTML, DHTML, Javascript, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Flash, SQL, C++, Perl, and CGI.

Relational Databases: $80.00 An Hour
      Design services available: Oracle, SQLServer2000, Access and DB2.

FTP Sites: $25.00 Set Up Plus Monthly Hosting Fee
      Monthly Hosting Fees for FTP Sites are based on the amount of space and security desired by the client. Basic security is free. 132bit Encrypted Certificate services are optional.

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